Building from Scratch
I interested in your project. I'm in the midst of repairing three small sailboats (a merit 22, sunfish, and mini fish). I'm interested in building something from scratch in the future but still reading/learning.
Thursday 2 February 2012 13:02
Building a Fishing Inflatable
Hi! How is your diy rib inflatable going? I am thinking of building one to salmon fish in the US Columbia R/ocean offshore 12-14' in length. Another option would be to fix up a used one or find a kit. It will have to be really seaworthy as where I'm planning to go is probably one of the toughest places to sail. I am also looking at an inflatable? polyurethane with stiff floor, used or new. I am a beginner at all this even though I own 3 smaller inflatables. Thank you.
Sunday 22 January 2012 02:25